Installing ReplicatorG on Fedora 20

Download the ReplicatorG software from

My browser dumped the tar file into ~[user]/Downloads directory.

I then sudo'd to root.

cd /usr/local

and issued:

tar -xvzf ~[user]/Downloads/replicatorg-0040-linux.tgz

cd replicatorg-0040/

chgrp -R users .

Note:  If you are loading this for multiple users, place the users in a common group.  I don't know how safe this is.  I am the only user on my system.

chmod -R g+w .


This generates a /root/.replicatorg directory. Then I copied that to my user directory using:

scp -r /root/.replicatorg/ ~[user]

chown -R [user] ~[user]/.replicatorg

I do this in root so that any permission problems are avoided.

Then I created a little shell script to start replicatorg. I called it myreplicatorg.  I will put any special variables in here later.  I still don't have a printer, yet.

--- cut here ---



--- end ---

Remember to chmod +x myreplicatorg.

I also used root to copy to /usr/local/bin so it will show up in my commands.

Good Luck and YMMV.

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